Exploring new ways of working in fashion through immersive collaboration.

Pushing beyond the limits of physical materials, with an aim to showcase the work of artists and makers in new and innovative ways, Fashion Interrupted expands the possibilities of fashion through digital representation and experiential design.

Render from Fashion Interrupted project LAYERS UNSEEN featuring digital twin of Hayley McSporran black maxi dress.  Digital fashion made in Clo3D

System of Touch

Digitised two-piece face suit by designer Morag Seaton worn by MV Brown’s avatar as part of Jerwood Survey III exhibition, System of Touch.

AI Generated image from Fashion Interrupted project INTERTIDAL made in Midjourney. White skin woman in coral and flesh coloured dress and headpiece inspired by underwater seaweed


A collection inspired by seaweed harvesting in the Outer Hebrides and the ebbing tide. Commissioned by Robert Gorden University Augmented Fashion Project.


Exploring design and the creative process through digital tools and virtual environments with eight designers and craft makers. In collaboration with Scotland Re:Design, Applied Arts Scotland and Lateral North.

Render from Fashion Interrupted project HIDDEN FLOORS, Ann Marie Shippiro and Megan Little Peril digital fashion made in Clo3D Gravity Sketch. Black skin avatar dressed ub irridensant purple tight fitting jumpsuit with oversized headpieceand neckpiece.
Poster with QR code of AR filter from Fashion Interrupted project LAYERS UNSEEN featuring digital twin of Shanagh Penman velvet suit. Digital fashion made in Clo3D. Black avatar wearing velvet suit by scottish designer wearing makeup by MUA MV BROWN.


Digital Twin NFTs, makeup filters and AR in collaboration with Scotland based designers Hayley McSporran, Shanagh Penman, Zephyr Liddell, supported by Scotland Re:Design.


A series of networking events organised by artists and designers who share a passion for creating and innovating within fashion and digital.

Side view shot of an empty stage with mic and projection with Fashion Interrupted logo and full audience in pink lighting at first ARRANGEMENT POINTS networking evening at SWG3 Poetry Club, Glasgow

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